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Frequently Asked Questions about gutter maintenance

Below are some of the most frequently asked qestions. Just click on the little “+” (cross) to show the answers. Alternatively simply phone us right now to ask any questions or to book our service.

I am not able to access my roof so how can I be sure my gutters have really been cleaned or repaired?

At your request we can take before and after pictures of the gutters or roof we clean and repair, these pictures will then be provided to you for your review. We are also happy to report that in the many years we have been operating we have no customer complaints.

Can you carry our guttering and roofing work on properties which have 3 floors?

Yes. We can carry out gutter and roof cleaning or repairs on properties with many floors. Depending on some factors we may need to deploy additional equipment to ensure the work is carried out safely and effectively.

My gardener/handyman has quoted me a lower price than you to clean my gutters, why should I hire you?

Cost isn’t the only factor when it comes to cleaning your gutters. As a professional gutter maintenance company we have insurance that relates to working at dangerous heights and public and employer’s liability insurance. There’s a good chance that your gardener/handyman does not have this legally required insurance so if there’s an incident then you will have no opportunity of recourse. Additionally, we are experienced and qualified and trained to carry out guttering works, a non professional is unlikely to provide an effective or long lasting service.

How long will it take to clean my gutters?

We will be able to provide definitive time duration once we assess your property, this includes considering the size of your gutters and how full they are.

As an honest and ethical company the price we quote you at the time of the booking remains the same, even if the work takes longer to complete than first anticipated

Are you insured?

Yes we are. All team members have insurance which covers them working at heights. As a company we also have employer and public liability insurance. To view our insurance certification, please click here.

I live in a terraced house and know for a fact that my neighbours have not had their gutters cleaned; do you still recommend that I have my gutters cleaned?

Yes. It is always important to maintain your gutters, as without regular maintenance then your part of the gutter system can become blocked which may cause water flow onto property, this water flow can result in serious damage to both your property and your neighbours. Our gutter cleaning service also means that we clean out your downpipes which do directly affect your house.

Do I need to be at the property when you come to clean or repair my gutters?

Ideally, yes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash but a bank transfer will also be fine.

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