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If leaves, dirt, debris, and other material are not removed, they build up and clog the gutters and downpipes. Overflowing rainwater causes a heavy load on the gutter joints, which causes leakage, damage, and other issues to the wall and woodwork such as the window and door frame areas of properties.

This leads to damp, brick damage, rot, mould growth and water damage. It is unhealthy and becomes very expensive to repair, and this is why regular gutter maintenance is important.

When we clean your gutters, we do a free inspection of your roof to look for any damage or risks to your property and show you photos of any issues.

Inspection included in a full gutter clear only.

Our Services

  • Leaf and debris removal
  • Gutter repair service
  • Unblocking downspout
  • Installing downpipes
  • Soffit and fascia replacements
  • Soffit and fascia installation
  • Roof repairs 
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Chimney Repairs & Rendering
  • Leak Repair 


Technician on a ladder clearing out a gutter
Man going to inspect a gutter for cleaning

When To Clean Your Gutters

Trees around your home are the most obvious cause of blockage and clogged gutters. We usually get a flood of calls from customers in the autumn, as the leaves collect and create obvious blockages. These leaves and the autumn rains combine to create ideal conditions for moss to grow in your gutters and on your roof.

But that's only the most visible part of the problem; dust, twigs, leaves, and moss growth accumulate all year. If you have oak trees close to your property, you may be able to wait about six months before cleaning out your gutters. We recommend scheduling a simple gutter cleaning job in both spring and autumn to avoid unhealthy damp problems.

Keep The Damp Out

If the level of moss on your roof is over 50% covered, you may need to think about cleaning out your gutters every quarter, as dead moss keeps falling down and into the gutter and downpipe.

Gutters that overflow don't just drip; water can go beneath the roof past the soffits and fascia board, leading into the house. In some cases, it can even lead to the erosion of your foundations which will cost even more to repair and hurt the value of your home.

Mildew, a musty odour, or spots of black mould on internal room ceilings or walls, as well as around window frames, are the first signs you haven't . No amount of cleaning solves this - the water has to be cut off before it can start to seep through external walls and woodwork.


Gutter full of debris

What Type Of Equipment Do You Use When Cleaning Gutters?

We know how important it is to keep the gutters clean, so instead of using a vacuum machine or other fancy equipment, we use ladders and hand tools to remove all of the leaves and other debris that has built up in the gutters.

A courtesy inspection of the whole guttering system and your roof is made by our team of technicians while we carry out the work and report to you.

Keeping your gutters clear is standard maintenance, like changing the oil and brake pads on a car.


Affordable Gutter Cleaners In London

As part of the gutter cleaning experience that Sam's Gutters & Roofs offers, our technicians will check all of your gutter parts for damage or other problems and let you know if there is a problem with their condition via pictures from a camera.

If gutter repairs can be done within an hour, we can carry out the repairs after the gutter cleaning is completed.

If the recommended gutter repairs need over an hour , another appointment will need to be made, and we will return as soon as it's convenient. The services offered by Sam’s include unclog, cleaning, repairing, repainting, and replacing UPVC gutters.

It’s easy to get a competitive gutter cleaning or gutter repair quote – Just simply phone us 0800 078 9151 or fill out the form on the site. Once you provide us with details and  information about your property, we can give you a quote.

Remember, once we provide you with an estimate and price quote, we guarantee to honour it!


So, if you need a gutter cleaning service in London with the best gutter cleaning prices, give the professionals at Sam's Gutters & Roofs a call.

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