Gutter Cleaning Streatham Hill

Gutter Cleaning Streatham Hill

Gutters protect your home from damage. One, they prevent infiltration by shielding its edges and diverting the runoff into the proper drainage system. Two, properly maintained gutters also prevent water from pooling around your home. And three, moulds and pests cannot breed and trigger asthma and allergies among sensitive family members. Without even saying, keeping the gutters cleaned and maintained can benefit not only your property but also your family’s health.

Gutter Cleaning Streatham Hill

Gutter Maintenance

One of the sure-fire ways to keep out of expensive major repairs is maintaining your gutter’s smooth function by cleaning it regularly. You would know it’s time to clean your gutters when dirt and debris, such as leaves and twigs are building up on them.

One effective way is scheduling gutter maintenance twice a year or depending on the foliage type near your home or more often if overhanging trees are near it. You may also want to schedule it every three months or after every storm.

Generally, we recommend gutter maintenance once in the later spring and another in the early fall/autumn.

These two seasons are particularly notorious for debris and unpredictable rainfall, so it’s important to maintain the gutter to prevent any debris from trees and elements from collecting and later clogging it.

Cleaning the gutter after fall can also be a proactive way to get it ready for the winter and to prevent the added weight to them. Otherwise, any additional or excessive weight can lead to more significant problems, like the fasteners pulling away from your house, and that can be a reason for costly repairs.

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Blocked Gutters

Blocked gutters are brought about by build-ups in your drainpipe, and this could lead to your pipes not working how they are supposed to. Rainwater will not also flow properly through the drainpipes meaning the gutters are clogged. There are two top causes of clogged drains: leaves and moss.

If you are having a problem with your gutters, most of the time, the culprit is leaves. They come from trees with branches directly grazing your roof, or they are blown by the winds to your rooftop and would then find their way to your gutters.

If leaves are left behind for long periods and would occasionally get wet, they will pile onto each other, turn into a sludgy mess, and they will dry until new leaves will fall – creating a cycle. Without regular upkeep, clogs brought about by leaves will lead to damage.

If you live in a state where rain is a common occurrence, clogged gutters are often caused by moss which is usually a roof problem. Moss is a much bigger problem since they are porous and absorb water.

Inability to address gutter problems will not only mean that water will leave them from the sides but will also result in inside-the-house issues like leaking roofs and the watermarks you sometimes see in your ceiling. An effective way to at least address this problem is by installing a mesh gutter guard but be sure to check occasionally since build-up could still happen even with a guard in place.

Gutter Cleaning Southgate

Why use a professional?

Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company can save you the time that you would otherwise use for other activities or chores.

Cleaning your gutters will require tall ladders, and if you are afraid of heights and are hesitant about the safety of what you are about to do, hiring a professional to do the declogging will reduce the likelihood of any accidents from happening.

If your gutters are worse for wear and there is nothing more that you could do to repair them, hiring a professional makes the job more manageable and assures you that everything will be taken care of. Works by Sam’s Gutters are also guaranteed!

Dealing with gutter clogging problems can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start; consulting with a professional gives you a clear picture of the situation, advise you on the next steps, and give you tips to maintain your gutters to avoid any future problems.


A downpipe is connected to your gutters and is used to direct rainwater away from your house or apartment building.

Downpipes are also known as the downspout, roof drain pipe, drain spout, or leader. They are commonly constructed using cast iron, uPVC, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, and other materials. Downpipes to be used in your homes will depend on many factors such as what the rainfall intensity is and where the water would be drained.

The downpipe’s problems are the same as your gutters, however. So, if your gutters are clogged, chances are your downpipes are going to be, too.

Overflowing water in your gutters is brought about by clogs caused by leaves and other debris; leaking roof seams are just some gutter problems that will affect your downpipes as well.

Structural Damage

The state of your gutters will affect your property’s overall structure, so regular maintenance is essential. Here are some structural damages that can happen if drains are clogged.

It could give you problems with the property’s foundation. Remember, the primary function of gutters is to direct the flowing water away from your house’s foundation, so leaving them clogged will put the foundation at risk.

For people with basements, water that will be flowing on the foundation and it could potentially enter the basement. Water entering it will lead to excess moisture, making it an environment that will be conducive to growing moulds, mildew, and other fungal growth.

The key to ensuring that soil won’t shift with excessive water flow from your gutters is keeping it in pristine condition. Otherwise, not only your house will be more prone to damage, but also your driveways or sidewalks due to cracking pavements.

How do I know if my gutters need cleaning?

You will know it’s time to clean your gutters with the following signs or hints.

  1. There is staining in your fascia boards, roof shingles, or your house’s foundation with moulds and mildews

  2. After the spring and fall seasons

  3. Moist environments that make a breeding ground for pests, fungi, and moulds

  4. Accumulation of debris on gutters that sag them

Gutter Cleaning Southgate

Why is it important to clean my gutters regularly?

The gutter state is not only crucial for your home’s overall structure but also for your health. Water accumulation on the gutter makes your home and its surroundings an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes and other insects. Moulds and mildews can also lead to allergic reactions and lung irritation, to name some. Proper gutter maintenance also prevents structural damage and costly repairs and stop the problem before it arises.

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