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Most Common Gutter Problems

The normal life expectancy of an average aluminium gutter is between 20 to 30 years or even more. The life expectancy is greatly affected by the general maintenance it has, the weather conditions in your region and also what material it is made of. For example, copper gutters may last 50 years compared to ones made of aluminium. Like anything in life, it is important to take care and look after your gutters so you can benefit from the full life expectancy, which is why I stress the importance of gutter gutter cleaning.

One of the most common gutter problems is debris accumulation. Loose debris is known to quickly decompose and form a solid sheet as it becomes damp, causing the gutter to clog. I touched Problems with gutters, Gutter overflowingupon the subject in my previous post that clogged gutters can become a fire hazard which is extremely dangerous, it can also get to a stage where the gutters become so clogged the water just flows over the top of them.

Most common problems with Gutters:

  • Ice Formation
  • Ladders leaned against them
  • Tree and storm damage
  • Stains caused by constant overflowing
  • Splitting of gutter seams

gutter repairs, gutter gurantee

As you can see above there are quite a lot of issues that can go wrong with your guttering system. This damage can lead to even worse problems with your home, such as mold, flooding, paint damage, foundation cracking and more!

So it is very important to maintain the condition of your gutters. That is why we believe it is so important to provide a guarantee on all gutter work carried out, which is why we provide a ’12 Month Guarantee’ on all repair work we do!

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