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Welcome to GutterStuff®Pro the superior gutter protection system



  • Do I need GutterStuff®Pro?
  • Do you have trees near your property?
  • Do you look out from an upstairs window on to a conservatory?
  • Do you dislike the dangerous or expensive job of cleaning out your gutters?
  • Do you have a large building that needs regular gutter maintenance?



If you answer yes to any of these questions then GutterStuff®Pro is for you.

What is GutterStuff®Pro?

GutterStuff®Pro is the original patented foam filter which prevents leaves and debris from entering and clogging your gutters. Rainwater is free to rapidly and efficiently enter and exit your guttering system.

GutterStuff®Pro is completely versatile and can be used in guttering from domestic use in conservatories and houses to larger buildings – hospitals, stately homes, factories etc. In fact anywhere guttering is present. As GutterStuff®Pro is invisible from below and blends in from above, it is ideal for using on listed/historic buildings thus maintaining character and reducing maintenance.

GutterStuff®Pro FAQ’S

The soft texture of the foam does not dent or get damaged by falling branches and debris, extending the products lifetime.

GutterStuff®Pro is impregnated with an environmentally friendly fungicide and biocide treatment to prevent fungus, mould, moss and organism growth within the foam.

Resilient and strong, it is not affected by adverse weather conditions in winter its effectiveness is not compromised when the temperatures drop below zero, as GutterStuff®Pro does not freeze. With a 97% void capacity and a heat absorbing ability, snow and ice do not block the filtering holes and as the snow melts into the gutter, it filters through and continues to flow through the system. Alternatively it is not damaged by the Sunlight. Protected by a flame retardant latex coating GutterStuff®Pro provides complete outdoor protection and durability.

In fact GutterStuff®Pro is manufactured to such a high technical standard that it is backed by a 15 year warranty offering a minimum of 15 years hassle free guttering protection for you.

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Sam’s Gutters are the recognised Retailer and installer of GutterStuff®Pro for London and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us on 0800 0789 151 .

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