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Gutter Repair in London and the Home Counties


Procedure for booking your Gutter Repair:

If your gutter maintenance is overlooked then guttering systems become fragile and can result in larger drainage issues.

1. Call us on 0800 078 9151 or fill out the ‘Get a Quote Form’ and we will book the gutter repair in for a suitable date.
2. A couple of minor gutter repairs are usually carried out within 30 minutes.
3. We will assess the gutter repair work on arrival. If the repair is going to take longer then already advised, we will let you know why and advise you of the new quote. No work will be carried out unless we have your full authorisation.
5. If the repairs take longer than an hour and we are not able to do it on the day then we will quote and re-book for another day.
6. If you don’t want to go ahead with the gutter repair work then we will not charge you. There is no call out fee.
7. All repairs are covered with a full year’s guarantee. Should there be any fault with our repair work within 12 months, we will return and rectify it FREE OF CHARGE.

We professionally repair leaking gutters:

An overflow usually means a blocked gutter, which means you would need a gutter clear, but a drip would be coming down through a hole or a crack in the gutter so it would need a gutter repair.
To repair a gutter that is leaking we would usually do one of the following:

• If the rubber on the union joint has deteriorated we would replace the joint
• If there is a thin crack on a UPVC gutter we would advise erial to block the hole or crack
• If there are more then a couple of repairs on one part of the guttering then we would normally recommend to replace that section
• We rarely apply sealant on gutters as this can move by the changes in temperature, resulting in us going back for a free of charge re-visit

Guttering and Roof Repair solutions in London and the Home Counties

There are different solutions for different types of gutter repairs. Cast iron can be repaired by applying a thick, runny, gluey liquid called acrypol, which also contains some fibre. Once applied on the cracks or holes on the cast, it will start thickening and solidifies blocking the crack. There are other thicker, paste like material which can be used for larger cracks and holes. If the cast guttering is very old and has a lot or large cracks then it might be more economical to replace the gutters.

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