Water Butts and Rainwater Barrels

Water Butts and Rainwater Barrels

At Sam's Gutters, we are always on the lookout for the best, innovative methods to assist our clients and that is why we have the pleasure of introducing you to our new installation and supply package for water butts, to help everyone to harvest the free water that comes straight from the clouds. As always, our expert technicians will attend your home and will install the water butts, at the location of your choice, using their professional skills to start you on your journey to reduce your carbon footprint, keep your plants healthy and save money. As always, our services include waste removal, making Sam's Gutters, the trouble-free solution for water butt installation.

How will a Water Butt save me money?

After all the investment we have made into our gardens, making it another room in our home and taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine, a water butt, takes the place of a garden tap for watering plants, provides our plants with the natural nutrients that they need without having to invest in costly fertiliser, saves us money on our metered water bills and will save you from a fine for using your hosepipe on a tap!

According to an article ‘Understanding how rainwater can be harvested using maths’ on the BBC, for every mm of rain that falls on a square meter or roof we get a litre of water. Use this calculation for the average house roof and you could collect around 24,000 litres for your garden each year – so even without a hose pipe ban – Sam's can help save you a lot of money!

How can Sam's help me reduce my Carbon Footprint?

We all know that mains water is pumped long distances and has a lot of chemicals and additives added to it, so any water that Sam's can help you harvest reduces the demand on the mains supply system. Stress on the water mains drainage system and the risk of flooding caused by surface water run-off, is reduced when using and storing rainwater in our water butts. At Sam's, we encourage as much water harvesting as possible and using multiple water butts, one for each downpipe. We offer a great discount if you have more than one water butt installed.

How to help your plants flourish

Your home is your castle, so let Sam's help you keep your garden as your place of peace and tranquillity. Use the goodness of the fresh rain water that is delivered at the perfect ambient temperature full of nature's wholesome nutrients. Sam's will help to remove the worry of your drying garden, by bringing to you our package of water butt supply and installation and bi-annual or annual maintenance options.

This is our latest popular service, Water Butt Installations.
The price includes fitting to your existing downpipe, the stand, the diverter and the tap. This Service has the benefit of our One Year Guarantee.*
The price starts from £275.00 Plus VAT

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