Roof Cleaning London

Roof Cleaning London


Being a homeowner, we all expect to keep our homes clean and look nice. No one wishes to own the house that the neighbors or relatives mutter about whenever they drive past. However, the dirty siding on the exterior of your house and the peeling paint might make your house gloomy.

That’s where the need for “Roof Cleaning” comes in!

The dirty roof not only ruins your home look but can actually damage your roof. And it becomes crucial to keep your roof clean.

Maintaining your roof regularly is the best method to safeguard against damage and costly repairs. Cleaning roof consistently will mean your roof is best able to do its job and keep your house and family feel safe & secure.

This article aims to guide you on the best practices of roof cleaning and hiring the best roof cleaning professionals in London.

Moss Removal

Unalike the algae and lichens, moss is an original plant. Moss includes a bit of a deep root system and requires too much moisture to live. The specific areas with low sunlight exist moist longer.

The surroundings that have overhanging tree branches provide more shade and are a common food source for moss (as they drop debris). Algae, moss spores are quite often shifted by wind or animals and can simply be spread throughout neighborhoods.

As the stains and patches begin to grow that are caused by algae, fungus, and moss, they can eventually spoil your roof through shingle deterioration & wood rot. Well, both result in costly repairs and can shorten the life of your roof. A roof cleaning can help decrease or eliminate this damage.

Roof Cleaning Best Practice

It is a great idea to follow some helpful instructions and steps to remove dirt from your roof on your own. Follow some DIY steps and see if you find positive outcomes.

Cleaning the moss with a wire brush will help you get rid of protective granules on your shingles and rough detergents or solutions in clean can break down shingles, fade out the wood shake, and roof tile. Effective cleaning will wipe away and hasten the corrosion of the metal gutter and damage plant life. However, these cleaning methods appear to remove the algae from your roof they do nothing to avoid it from returning.

The moment the algae return so does the cycle of sweeping and cleaning the roof continuously that can be a reason for serious harm. A light spray of algaecide on your roof not only damages the algae but also guarantees that it won’t come back for at least two years. There can be many products that can help you prevent stains and clean the roof in no time. Roof-A-Cide is the only roof cleaning product that eliminates algae growth.

It provides various chlorine and caustic-free cleaning options that can be used to safely and efficiently clean a roof without causing damage to the roof or surrounding areas.

Despite the remedy you chose, do not attempt to clean your roof yourself. It can be very risky as it causes slippery algae and eventually walking on the roof can be vulnerable for you and the roof.

Dangers of Roof Cleaning

Numerous people find rood cleaning tedious and boring but the majority of people look forward to getting it done as soon as possible. In doing so, people can look out for professional cleaners that adopt measures that can get the job done quickly for them. Although, many people tend to fail to include whether the selected measures being used for roof cleaning in London are good to go or not? Various non-professional roof cleaners especially in the current time implement unapproved roof cleaning methods. The truth is that the following unapproved methods for roof cleaning bring along numerous dangers.

Few roof cleaners have begun to use such chemical substances that are harmful to your roof as well as any plants under or the surrounding areas. While coming to cleaning roofs, there are a few major questions that might come to your mind- will it damage the plants, and is it safe for my surroundings?

However, the answer is one- if the harmful chemicals are used incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good to your house.

Regular Roof Cleaning

Common reasons your roof needs regular cleaning!

  • Boost the Value of your Home

We all are aware of how crucial first impressions are when house hunting. The sooner you reach the potential property you are finding reasons behind the bargaining. If you are searching to sell soon don’t provide potential buyers the chance to find fault with your home’s roof. Ensure it is looking in first-class status for the survey and showcasing to boost the value of your home.

  • Keep your Home Safe & Secure

If your friends or acquaintances have friends and family visiting at the weekends or have a house surrounded by children and pets all around, then make sure to keep your house safe and secure. It is highly important to clean your roof as it helps to reduce the risk of leaks that can cause rotten rafters, destroy your house ceilings and flooring too.

  • Save Your Time and Money

You can avoid issues by solving small repairs and roof cleaning in London while taking up your time in the future. Clearing up gutters can be possible with helpful equipment which is easy to do yourself. Big jobs may require special care and attention.

  • Save Your Investment

When you clean the roof, it helps you protect the investment you’ve made in your precious home. While maintaining on top of the roof cleaning and repairing small damages, you will be actually protecting one of your biggest assets- your HOME.

  • Diminish Maintenance Needs

It is a great idea to inspect your roof twice a year. Just by having a good look at your roof, you will see any major issues that require addressing. You will want to look at the situation of the downpipes and gutters. By knowing the issues and problems sooner, you will avoid the requirement for large maintenance and repair work.

  • Keep Away from Roof Replacement

Being a homeowner, if you are so much worried to replace a roof, then surely you need not do so. In order to avoid this significant cost to your life keep on the rooftop for cleaning. Well, it might be the most expensive reason to keep the maintenance of a clean roof but now you have six more reasons too.

  • Enhance the Look of Your Home

In order to create a good appeal of your home having a clean roof will most importantly give you a little boost that comes from observing your property looking its very best. You will see an old and mossy roof can really bring down the look of your lovely house. The continuous roof cleaning may help you add the sparkle back to your home and would definitely give a feel to the new house.

Tile Cleaning

Tile roofs whether made up of fired clay or concrete, it is extremely durable and can long last for centuries in a few scenarios. While making a firm decision between clay tile and concrete tile roofs, it is equally important to know that every material has its own advantages. The major advantage of concrete tiles over clay tiles is very less expensive as connected with concrete. When comparing both, clay tile is generally more colorfast and roofing tiles can be used for a longer time The final installation of clay roof tiles can be estimated up to 100 years.

Roof Cleaning Professionals– Final Thoughts

Apparently, it is a tiresome task for every one of us to clean the roof and follow effective steps to wipe out the dirt from the roof. So, when in need of hiring roof cleaning experts in London, always make sure to hire knowledgeable and well-trained roof cleaners.

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