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As a homeowner, you'll hope to keep your property looking clean and look nice. But moss loves the English climate and the warmth of your roof, and it quickly takes hold. From micro-algae to large clumps of bright green moss, it is surprisingly tenacious. It's also well out of reach unless you're the kind of person who enjoys crawling around at height.

Once you can start to see growth or discolouration from the ground the only answer is a proper roof cleaning service.

A dirty roof not only ruins the look of your home - it can actually damage your roof, lift tiles, and attract more growth.

Experienced roofers are essential for this kind of work, simply due to the problems of access and safety. They will keep the cost of cleaning your roof tiles to a minimum.


Moss Removal

What's on your roof is probably a combination of moss, algae, lichens, and fungi—all of them older than the dinosaurs. The spores can just be carried in the wind. Moss needs a fair amount of moisture to live and is happier in low sunlight. Overhanging trees provide the shade and food source they like, as they drop debris.

You'll usually notice stains and patches that begin to grow. Unless you have a wood shingle roof, there is no danger of rotting tiles, but moss holds water and provides a chance for it to get past tiles. The tiles themselves can start to lift.

Removing these growths will make the roof look better, often returning the colour to almost new. Most importantly, it will enable the roof to do its job of keeping the water out.


Roof Cleaning Best Practice

Cleaning moss with a wire brush helps to get rid of roots once the main growths have been removed. The wrong detergents or chemical solutions should be avoided as they can weaken wooden shingles and the battens holding traditional tiles.

Effective cleaning requires some elbow grease and tools to get into the crevices.

After your roof is cleaned, a light spray of algaecide will prevent significant new growth for at least two years.


Sweeping and cleaning

Once the heavy work is done, chemical products to prevent regrowth are often a sensible option. They are not always popular, and some of the products on the market are potentially dangerous, and/or ineffective. We do regularly work with some that are not environmentally destructive but still get the job done.

Where appropriate we recommend Roof-A-Cide as the only roof cleaning product that truly eliminates algae growth. It is a chlorine and caustic-free cleaning option and that can be used safely and efficiently.

Whichever remedy you chose, we really do not recommend trying to clean your roof yourself unless you are experienced on roofs. The usual risks of working at height are increased due to slippery wet algae.


Roof Cleaning Price

Our Roof Cleaning Services are quoted individually for each home. We will carry out a site visit and discuss with you the most suitable option for your requirements.
When we carry out the roof cleaning service, you will be able to take advantage of our free Gutter Inspection and short, visual Roof Inspection. Our price will include any chemicals that we may need, the quantity of visits required to clean the roof and licensed waste removal.
Roof Cleaning Inspection is a Free Viewing with a written quotation and photographs.