Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing

Signs You Need a Roof Repair

At some point, all roofs on a home require some form of repair. But, it is sometimes difficult for homeowners to determine when this will be the case. Here, you will learn about some tell-tale signs that your roof is in need of repairing.

One sign that your roof needs to be repaired is a sagging roof deck. When the roof deck is sagging, this is usually an indication that it has sustained damage and requires the attention of a professional.

Leaking water or water damage is one of the biggest and most obvious symptoms of a roof in need of attention. Look for water damage in your attic’s insulation, along your home’s walls, and on ceilings. In addition to looking for water damage, you ought to feel for it, as well. Run your hand along walls and get on the ladder to feel the ceilings. If you feel moisture or dampness, it could be due to an insidious leak in the roof. It is crucial to get a professional right away, as leaving things as is could cause further damage, which can become rather expensive further down the line.

If there is light from outside showing through the roof, you probably have a problem. Look for light on the roof boards. If a light is coming through, there is a good chance water is soon to follow.

A big clue as to the condition of your roof is the condition of the shingles. Missing, torn, bald or cracked shingles are all potential hazards. Curled shingles usually indicate that the shingles have reached their expiration date while missing shingles invite water to seep in. Take a close look at all of the shingles on the roof, rather than just one portion of it.

These tips will give you a good idea of what to look for when figuring out if your roof needs repairing. Use these helpful tips to get the repairs taken care of before major issues occur.

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