Soffit and Fascia repairs

Key roof protection components

The soffit and fascia are roof parts that pass across the rafter tails at the edge of roofs. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing on the outside of the home, soffit and fascia are essential elements that protect the top and home from various pest infestations. Animals like birds, bats, squirrels, among others, will find their way into your home easily if your roof is devoid of a soffit or if the soffit is broken. On the other hand, the fascia connects the home’s outer walls to the roof.

As a homeowner, you should ensure your soffit and fascia are properly installed by a qualified contractor to avoid future problems. We also recommended that the materials be waterproofed, and you should install rain gutters around your home.

In need of soffit and fascia repair or replacement, it is imperative that you have your roof in competent hands. The cost of replacement depends on the size of your roof, the quality of materials you want, and if there are additional repairs to be done.

Shingle Repair

Shingle repairs are one of the most common roof repairs around. Typically, most shingles have a long life span and are UV resistant. They are also resistant to heavy rainfalls and other harsh weather conditions that would ordinarily affect your roof. However, just like anything else, the strongest and most durable shingles get damaged over time.

Daily wear and tear from sunlight, heavy wind, rainfall, snow, and other environmental factors can diminish roof shingles and even damage them. And when shingles are broken, water can easily leak into your home and cause more damage to your roof or the building itself.

Common shingle damages that require repair or replacement include storm damage, corrosion, loose fasteners, rot, cracking flashing, etc.

The Fundamentals of Roof Maintenance

Due to its position and high level of exposure to a series of external factors like UV rays, rain, snow, wind, pests, hail, and sleet, a roof is perhaps the most vulnerable part of your home. While a durable roof usually results from good quality work and a high level of expertise during installation, one of the best ways to prevent roof damage and extend its lifespan is proper roof maintenance.

Since a timely spotting and fixing of roof problems is tantamount to a long-lasting roof, homeowners must ensure that their roofing system is handled by experts and pay close attention to it from time to time. A constant check on your rooftop will help you identify a problem early and inform further actions.

The primary roof maintenance checks you should carry out are:

A regular check of shingles for missing, cracked, peeling, and curling ones.
A general roof inspection by professionals who thoroughly understand roofing systems.
A sighting of leakages in ceilings and attic by spotting spots on the exterior wall, bulging patches inside the house, leftover stains on the ceiling from water, and a musty or damp smell in your rooms.
Once you observe any of these signs, it’s time for a professional to visit your home and fix your roof.

Apart from checks, you should also clean your gutters, trim tree branches that are extended towards the roof, patch up your chimney, wash your roof, and have an expert close to you.

Finally, your roof is more complex than you think, so when your house is under construction, you should ensure that you do the needful. Without a quality roof, your home is at risk. At the same time, frequent inspections and maintenance will help you extend the durability of your roofing system.

Talk to a Pro

A trusted roofing company can help put together a befitting roof for your home, diagnose problems when they arise, and proffer solutions to these problems. Want to find out if your roof needs a repair or replacement? Do not hesitate to talk to our team of experts at Sam's Gutters to get started.