Solar Panel Cleaning Increases Energy Efficiency!

Solar Panel Cleaning Improves Energy Efficiency of Your Home

solar panel cleaningSolar panels are a fantastic investment for both residential homes and commercial premises, but they do come with a significant upfront investment. Even a relatively small set up will cost several thousand pounds, but the benefits will come through huge savings on electricity.

All solar energy installations will come with an estimated amount of electricity savings and an estimated amount of the time it will take to recoup your initial investment. The more efficient the setup is, the quicker you will make back your investment.

However, it regularly happens that people are disappointed with the results they achieve because the amount of money they are saving is not as great as expected.

While weather conditions and the amount of sunlight are the most significant contributors to the efficiency of solar panels, many people do not realise that dirt and residue on the panels can have a constant impact on efficiency.

Dust, bird droppings and oily residue from traffic fumes are all extremely common materials that build up on the solar panel over time, just like they do on windows.

To ensure that you are not disappointed and that your energy saving investment pays off as quickly as possible you should contact us today for a free no obligation quote to keep your solar panels cleaned regularly.

We have years of experience providing various roofing maintenance and repair work. Within a very short space of time, we can provide a full assessment of whether or not your panels require cleaning.

If you think that your solar energy system is not operating at full capacity, then the easiest and cheapest issue to rule out is a buildup of dirt on the surface of the panels. In many cases, we encounter, especially after periods of heavy rain, wind and storms, cleaning of the panels will resolve the issue immediately.

So do not hesitate and call us to make an appointment that will suit your schedule, and we will provide all the advice needed.