Some places you can’t reach from a ladder

The right way to clean gutters

01. You cant reach this from a ladder

Every location is different which is why our team has had the correct training, the correct experience, and the correct equipment to deal with every situation at every location.

02. Health and Safety

Need the correct Risk Assessment before work starts? Not a problem – we can always provide this.

Need to speak to our dedicated Health and Safety officer? He is never more than a phone call away. Give us a call now and ask to speak to Mr. Oliver Hamilton-Williams.

Do our technicians have the correct health and safety training. Yes, they do.

We are ready to start the work?


Since 2009, our team has carried out work in London and the Southeast. Our Trustpilot ranking of 4.7 shows the high quality of work you can expect. And all our work is guaranteed, so you have nothing to worry about.

The next section makes no sense, in terms of the flow. Risk assessment before the viewing? Sentences not completed. And I don’t understand the sequence. The RA should be done in step 2. Step 3, the quote gets booked in. Step 4, we do the work. Step 5 you are covered by a guarantee, meaning it’s 100% stress free.

How will the whole process be carried out?

Over the phone, we can run through what may be needed, when you last had your gutters cleaned, and if you have ever actually had a roof inspection.
A viewing is carried out, then a risk assessment is carried out. If you're happy with this a quote is booked in and we ready to carry out the work.
The technicians will carry out their Dynamic Risk Assessment, and will liaise with the office on any changes that may be needed, and at this point, if you are happy then we will begin work and let you know the results.

Why is an effective gutter system so important to any property?

Gutters are central part in your defence against rain, storms, and general downpours – it's as simple as that!

Your gutters move the water away from your property and stop the build-up of damp. Without them the rain can cause much damage to your property. Water and damp can affect everything from the foundations to the structure of your roof.

All types of commercial property, schools, retail, warehouses and office buildings all need this service and it simply cannot be neglected. If you wait until a problem occurs, then by definition the problem is already happening, causing damage to your property.

We regularly maintain gutters and roofs for factories, churches, offices, industrial units, and many other properties in Sutton, Croydon, Bromley, and throughout the Southeast so this is how we know so much on this subject.

Every 6 months is the recommended time span to carry out a check to your roof and gutters, with autumn being being a key time due to the amount of leaf build-up in the gutters.

This does not even factor in storms, freezing cold weather, or conditions that can then lead to blocked gutters or even repairs being needed.

A regular planned schedule is what lots of our customers actually prefer to make sure that everything is working the way it should and that they are not left simply not knowing in what state their commercial property is in.

We can assess your unique situation and then propose the very best solution. Lots of companies then go on to use our routine maintenance services to ensure that they can feel safe that the heavy costs of roof damage, damp, and structure damage simply will be avoided by our vigilance.

Sam’s Gutters are always working at height. This allows us to use the most cost-effective solutions to access and clean your gutters, repair your gutters or carry out a roof inspection. We can undertake this in so many different ways, from ladders, power access equipment or scaffolding. What approach we choose depends on the situation and every location is different.

The average Gutter gets filled with all types of wildlife, leaves, dirt and unless you have this looked at you can never know if it is a problem

Blocked Gutters

If your commercial gutters are blocked or even in need of repair if not fixed, this can lead to the collapse of the whole guttering system. We have seen this happen and it can easily be prevented with a simple site visit or booked in regular maintenance.

Who is responsible for a commercial gutter cleaning

Cleaning Gutters can be the last thing you think of.

It can be overlooked by facilities management teams who have a myriad of other concerns. You can see a potential trip hazard in your place of work - but you are not looking for rodents in your gutters or a build-up of sludge that is stopping your whole guttering system from working. Do you have any documentation on the last time the gutters were even looked at – the answer to this is usually a no.

What else do I need to consider?

Talk to our sales team, if its technical advice you can talk to our roofers.

We look after any type of building. Feel free to give our team a call for a no-obligation quote. We like to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need.

Common signs of problems with commercial gutters

Your starting point is to look around the premises at the gutters and downpipes, following from this you can check out the following:

Is it obvious that a mound of grass is obstructing the gutters? Are plants even growing out of your gutters?
Is the water flowing over one point of the gutter when it starts to rain?
Is the guttering all of the same shape?
If you have any birds nearby have you seen them fly to your gutters?
Do you have large trees nearby?
Do you know the signs of rotten wood and how to spot this?

(All of these points could be cause for concern – and you should give us a call.)

Should I only be looking at the gutters and the roof work?

After all of these checks you may also need to see if you have a problem within the downpipe itself – this is much harder to assess yourself but you can carry out the following:

Are there large build-ups of water near the downpipes?
Do any walls near the downpipe look damp or damaged?
Do you see any cracks in the gutters or downpipes? Or green, mossy spots on the wall? Or does the brickwork just not look right? Or do you see missing flashing?
Is Roof Repair Work also needed?

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair work may also need to be carried out. This is the reason that all our technicians have work-at-height training and are trained roofers. With such qualifications and years of experience, it is easy for us to see what needs to be done. In the long term, this can prevent water damage to your property and it's something we deal with on a daily basis. Warehouses, retail, small office blocks are all areas we have covered in London.

Most facility managers we have spoken to in the past need our services to ensure that they do not have to deal with a larger more costly problem later down the line.

You also have to consider...

1. Time. Hiring a professional roofer will save you time in repairing or cleaning the gutter. Why? Because they have the best set of tools for the job, leaving the guttering clean and in good condition. They can also carry out repairs right then and there.

2. Safety. You can just look up some do-it-yourself videos on gutter repair on YouTube and break out your aforementioned wobbly, old ladders, right? Sure.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the safety of having a professional fix your gutters, higher up than the second storey level, then call Sam’s Gutters.

3. Money. You can save money if you get the job done yourself from watching that YouTube video.

Unless, of course, it goes wrong, you can’t find the leak, you cause more harm than good with the wrong tools, an accident happens, etc. And along the same line – a professional roofer might well spot and alert you to other issues with your roof, in case there are any. And knowing about such problems early on can again save you money. This is why every full gutter clean at Sam’s Gutters comes with a FREE ROOF INSPECTION!

4. Experience. Not every job will be the same. We only rely on experienced professionals who know what to look for and what to do about it. So your problem won’t repeat in the next heavy rain.

And all our repairs are guaranteed.

5. Convenience and peace of mind. If a handyman, gardener, or window-cleaner looks at the roof and guttering, are you certain that is he going to be able to fix the leak? If you get it done yourself and something goes wrong, will this affect your property negatively in the future? Or even your ability to work? There is no way to know. Having a competent experienced roofer looking at your guttering and roof will give you peace of mind.

That’s why we think that turning to Sam’s Gutters is the smarter option. Call 0800 078 9151 and receive your free quote over the phone today! Or click on our contact form now!

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