Ways To Tell If You Need To Replace Your Gutters

How You Can Tell If You Need To Replace Your Gutters

a broken gutter than needs replacingHouse’s gutters are a vital part of its overall health, hygiene and stability. Keeping water and the resultant mildew out of your home and its foundation is essential to the continued comfort of the people living in your home. But like everything else in a house, gutters do not last forever and tend to fall apart eventually. Here is how to tell if your gutters need replacing.

1. Cracking or splits

Any splits or cracks in the makeup of your gutters is a good sign that they need replacing. Even if this damage seems small, it will inevitably get worse with each rain storm. Allowing these damaged gutters to persist will also damage the shingles above the gutter, the foundation beneath it and the fascia boards behind them.

2. Paint Peeling

When there’s too much water lodged in your gutters, there will be paint peeling and brownish orange flecks. These are signs of rusting and indicate that there is water around that paint constantly. Therefore, your gutters aren’t draining correctly.

3. Pools of Water

Pools of water around the foundation of your house could mean that the gutters are not working properly. Letting this damage go untended can lead to expensive and time-consuming foundation repair bills.

4. Water Damage Beneath the Gutters

If you see water damage or marks beneath the gutter on a day that isn’t rainy, it’s a sign that leakage or overflowing may be happening from your gutters. This kind of damage requires a full-fledged replacement.

5. Sagging Gutters

This one is perhaps the clearest sign that gutters need replacing. If the structure of the gutters has begun to sag under the weight of the water or even pull away from your house, they need to be replaced before the whole system falls apart.

Depending upon the level of damage done and how long it has been neglected for, it may be possible to do some simple gutter repair work and patch up the problem. This will of course be the more cost-effective option. However, if your guttering has been in a poor state for a long period of time or the level of damage is extensive then you may need to replace various parts of the system.

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