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What are Gutter Guards?

What are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards act as a form of protection for your gutters. Its design allow water to freely flow into your gutter, but prevent debris falling into the gutter and causing clogging and blockage.

I am sure you can see the usefulness of gutter guards as it means the gutters need less maintenance on a yearly basis. It also means you won’t have to check your gutters as regularly as you would if you didn’t have gutter guards and therefore they have become very popular in recent years.

Although the initial cost of gutter guards will be higher than just a standard gutter, in the long term it will be very cost efficient as the gutters will not need cleaning as regularly. Gutters that have the guards on them will not get clogged up with leaves, and therefore there is no need for gutter cleaning on a yearly basis.

There are many different types of gutter guards and leaf protection products available to home owners. They all come in different designs, materials and prices. All these factors affect the effectiveness of each one. Some gutter guards are add-on devices that can be simply fitted over existing gutters, whereas there are others which involve replacing the whole guttering system.

Sam’s Gutters are the recognised retailer and installer for London. GutterStuff®Pro is one of the advanced high quality gutter guards that has the longest life expectancy.

We also install Hedgehog which is similar to GutterStuff®Pro but a slightly different design. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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Terence mccrossan
Terence mccrossan
21:50 23 Jul 19
We were most impressed by Sam’sGutters. Turned up on correct day and time and carried out a thourough and professional job. Highly recommendedread more
Simon Watts
Simon Watts
11:13 14 Jun 19
Others could not clear our 3 story house gutters properly as there are some gutters with difficult access. Sam's gutters reached all gutters and did a great job. Hard working people. I recommend!read more
fariba najarzadeh
fariba najarzadeh
14:12 08 Jun 19
Very good service all round. Helpful office staff and competent technicians. They also guaranteed the repairs which gives me feel a proper job was more
Simon Watts
Simon Watts
11:28 23 May 19
Very good service. I would highly recommend. Thanks very much Sam
Akbar Pirnazari
Akbar Pirnazari
18:28 20 May 19
Thank you for a very good service. Great job!
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