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Should You Have Gutter Repairs Done At The Same Time As Gutter Cleaning?


Homeowners should be aware that they need to keep their gutters clean and well maintained to protect their home from water damage.

They might wonder if they should have any gutter repairs done at the same time as they have gutter cleaning work.

If they are already getting professional service from a technician or contractor for cleaning, then getting repairs and maintenance done on the same visit means one less service call and saves money and time, right?

Regular gutter cleaning should ideally happen on the schedule dictated by the manufacturer or as recommended by your gutter service professional.

So, in an ideal world, the cleaning service should happen by the calendar. However, repairs are not always a good idea on these same calls.

During the scheduled gutter cleaning is the best time for the contractor to look over the gutter system and identify any existing problems.

Many of the issues that a professional gutter cleaner might find during his inspection could prove to be very basic and which he or she can fix right then and there without adding too much to the bill. In cases like this, it is generally a good idea to take care of the problems the same day they are discovered.

On the other hand, if larger problems are found that need specialist tools and replacement parts then another day will often need to be scheduled to undertake the repair work.

In cases like this, it is highly advisable to schedule the repair work as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the guttering or your home. If gutters are sagging for example, then this may put unnecessary pressure on the fascia boards to which the gutters are attached.

Furthermore, your home will also be at risk of water damage, so be sure to get the repair job booked in as soon as possible.