Why do you need guttering?

Why do you need guttering?

Have you ever wondered why you need gutters on your house? Or even what they are for?

All guttering does is collect rainwater that runs off the roof, and then channels it to the downpipes that carry the rainwater to the ground and away from the walls, windows, doors and foundation of the house. So that is simply it. Gutters ensure rainwater is moved away from your building where it won’t cause any damage. As you can see guttering plays a very important role, even if it isn’t that noticeable.




Not only do guttering systems collect rain water, they also collect leaves, acorns, moss and other debris which can cause clogs anywhere in the gutter itself, or even worse in the downpipes. If the guttering system is clogged up and the weather is very bad, it can lead to rainwater overflowing and potentially causing substantial damage to the building.

If gutters are not looked after properly and the water intrudes, it can cause rotting, mould growth, rusting, de-laminating of materials and much more. If the water damage gets very bad, it can lead to flooding of a property. Therefore, guttering plays a very important role in keeping a building in good condition even though you wouldn’t think it at first.

In dry conditions, the clogging up of gutters becomes a fire hazard due to all the dry leaves. Once again this can lead to severe damage to your property.

In conclusion, it is worth regularly cleaning your gutters to ensure you maintain your house in a good condition. Alternatively, you can install GutterStuffPro which means your gutters won’t clog up for the next 10 years! How great is that!

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