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Affordable Gutter Cleaning

We only use high quality guttering parts, and we carry the most common parts for black half-round plastic (uPVC) guttering on our vans.

Gutter Clearing Prices:
The prices of our Gutter Clearing Services include -
  • Hand cleared gutters using ladders
  • Before and after photographs
  • Complete checking of your downpipes
  • Licensed waste removal
  • Courtesy gutter inspection
  • Free short and a visual roof inspection
  • V.A.T. included in price given
1 / 2 storey house 1 gutter
Prices starting from £95.00
1 / 2 storey house 2 gutter
Prices starting from £115.00
3 storey house with 1 gutter
Prices starting from £135.00
3 storey house with 2 gutters
Prices starting from £165.00
4 or more storey house
A free viewing will be offered and estimate given.
For homes with more gutters, please call us for an accurate quotation


We do not add on huge mark up to Gutter Cleaning Prices.

We like to think our guttering prices are reasonable for the following reasons:

1. New plastic parts we use would usually work out about 5-10% of the price we charge.

2. The time it takes to drive to the job and the time of the repair can easily add up to an hour or more, but we only charge for the time we spend on the actual repair.

3. The fuel and depreciation costs are also factored in.

4. There is a year guarantee on all our repairs.

5. Our prices are competitive considering the work at height.


Transparent pricing

To be transparent on our guttering prices, we let our clients know, at the time of the booking, that on arrival we will estimate the time the repair will take. We will let the customer know if we think the repair will take longer than half an hour so they know the costs involved prior to committing themselves to the work. In such cases, there is no obligation for the client to accept the charges and go ahead with the job. If he decides not to, we will move on to the next job happily without asking for a call out charge. Our gutter cleaning prices are kept low so Londoners can enjoy a good service at a reasonable price.