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Why should you get your gutters cleaned?

One inch of rain per year on a large roof can produce as much as 935 gallons of water and our job, at Sam's, is to make sure that the water flows away from your home properly.
Falling leaves and twigs as well as plant growth are problems for your gutter system, and that's what Sam's Gutters solve when we clean your gutters.

Cleaning your gutters can prevent problems such as sagging gutters caused by heavy water combined with debris.
This in turn can create excessive damage to the gutters, fascia and staining on your walls.
Blocked downpipes & gutters can even be a cause of mould and mildew inside your home. If your gutters are not cleaned regularly, the debris can fall into the downpipe, meaning that the whole pipe is rendered useless with water backing up.

Call Sam's Gutters today, to clean your gutters and provide you a free report on the condition of your gutters and roof.

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How often should you get your gutters cleaned?

We recommend letting Sam's gutter cleaners clean your gutters twice a year, and bookings made in advance will also guarantee you a price freeze! 

Gutters can become blocked at any time of year, by moss, leaves, twigs, dirt and the odd tennis ball. An additional benefit you get from seeing us twice a year is a full report on the state of your gutters and your roof, allowing you to always stay on top of any issues you might otherwise be unaware of until it is too late. 

Small fixes can usually be undertaken very quickly by our experienced gutter clean technicians, who carry an array of spare parts, and bigger jobs can be scheduled for a second visit. Gutter maintenance and regular inspections are key to having good a gutter system and the possible prevention of expensive gutter work or replacements to your property.

Trees around your home are the most obvious source of clogged gutters, as the leaves collect and create blockages. This combination of leaves and rainfall creates ideal conditions for moss to grow in your gutters and on your roof.

Keep the damp out

At Sam's, we recommend that if the level of moss on your roof is over 50% coverage, you may need to think about cleaning out your gutters every three months, as dead moss continually falls down and into the gutters. We can advise you on the ideal frequency, based on our free survey and report. (And, yes, we also offer roof cleaning to get rid of the moss.)

Gutters that overflow don't just drip, and frequently, you may not even know that they are leaking. Water can wrap around beneath the roof and the fascia board, leading to intrusion into the house. In some cases, it can even lead to the erosion of your foundations.

The first signs you may see are mildew, a musty smell, or spots of black mould in internal ceilings or walls, or around windows and door frames. 

No amount of cleaning solves this - the water has to be stopped so it is not seeping through from the external walls and woodwork.

Gutter Cleaning London

Our Gutter Cleaning Method

We know the importance of effective cleaning methods, which give our customers the best gutter clearing services in London and the South East.

Our technicians are all experienced roofers and we share over 100 years industry experience between us! 

Before and after photos can be taken to demonstrate the effectiveness of our gutter clearing (as well as any situation that needs addressing on your roof or with your guttering).

We remove all the debris build-up in the gutters, and a courtesy roof inspection with every full gutter cleaning is conducted while we carry out the work, and we then report back to you with our findings.

Keeping your gutters cleared is standard maintenance, like changing oil and brake pads on a car, cost effective and trouble free with Sam's Gutters & Roofs.


Our motto is "Protecting Homes since 2009", and that's what we do best:

Always innovating, always the best, trust Sam's Gutters, where quality is at the heart of all we bring to you.


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