Why Should You Clean Your Roof

Benefits Of Having Your Roof Cleaned

If you're looking to increase the curb appeal of your property, there's no better way than by getting your roof
professionally cleaned and looking brand new and healthy. A freshly cleaned roof gives your home a whole new
look that will impress potential buyers and make all of your neighbours jealous! By carefully cleaning, inspecting, and
treating your roof, you can prevent more serious problems down the line and extend its life dramatically. Read on to
find out why you should clean your roof:

1. Remove Any Plant Growth

One of the most common reasons why people neglect cleaning their roofs is because it's hard to see what's going on high above them. One look at your roof and you could see the beginning of a roof top garden, which creates a nasty, high-maintenance problem that can cost you thousands of pounds to fix. You might have some plants growing there already; so far, they're not too bad - they just need a little more sunshine and rain to bloom fully and inevitably that will come. The longer you wait to clean your roof, the bigger and more out of control your blooms will get.

2. Cool Your Home and Save Money

When a roof is compromised, it can't keep the sun's heat from entering your home. This makes air conditioning an expensive essential during the summer months. The extra moisture that is trapped underneath your roof can beevaporated by a professional roof cleaning service.

3. Prevent Costly Damage

A roof that is not cleaned on a regular basis will become more and more susceptible to damage from rain, snow and other debris. An overgrown rooftop can also be detrimental to your attic and home's structural integrity. Roofing and guttering is our specialty and we understand that to at least enable the melted ice and snow or the excessive rain flow to get into the gutter, a cleaner roof is the most effective solution.

4. Protection From Pests

Plants aren't the only thing growing and loving life on your roof. Trees and shrubs have a way of finding their way up to your roof and these can be like magnets for pests, which can cause a lot of damage to your home if not removed – the pests and the trees and shrubs! They might be small now, but they will eventually become stronger and more invasive. After a while, you may not even be able to see your roof it will look so overgrown. The only way to stop them is to have a professional remove the problem.

5. Increase the Value of Your Home

A clean roof will definitely increase the value of your home. It will look better, which means that you'll get more for your money when you decide to sell. When potential buyers see the clean, new look of your roof (hopefully without any plants growing on it) they will be much more likely to purchase your home than one with a dirtied out appearance. The happier they are with the inside, the better your chances of finding a buyer.

6. Keep Your Roof's Warranty Active

When you own a home, there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with it. You have so many things to think about and maintain that it's easy to overlook something. If you want your roof warranty to stay active, you need to keep up with the maintenance. That usually entails cleaning your roof at least once every three years or so. It's important for the contractor that installed your roof to be able see the full extent of any damages or problems, which will help them know how best to fix them.

7. Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

You can only run away from your problems for so long. Eventually you will have to face them head on, or they'll end up catching up with you. If you neglect your roof and let it go, you might have a lot more problems than just one big headache. A damaged roof can lead to more serious issues, such as water damage and mould. The more time you take to clean up after yourself now, the easier it will be on you in the long run. If you want to keep your home looking beautiful and in top shape, it's important to keep a close eye on your roof. If you let it go too long without cleaning, you could end up with major problems that are much more difficult to solve. Don't let this be true for you. Call up a professional roof cleaning company like Sam's Gutters & Roofs, and set up an appointment.